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Hackers use Triton malware to shut down plant, industrial systems (ZDNet)

Security Planner: Why this new online safety advice tool looks promising (TechRepublic)

Google Details How It Protects Data Within Its Infrastructure (SecurityWeek)

U.S. Military to Send Cyber Soldiers to the Battlefield (SecurityWeek)

Traffic to Major Tech Firms Rerouted to Russia (SecurityWeek)

U.S. Prosecutors Confirm Uber Target of Criminal Probe (SecurityWeek)

I, Robot? Aiiiee, ROBOT! RSA TLS crypto attack pwns Facebook, PayPal, 27 of 100 top domains (The Register)

Tenable’s response to folks upset at AWOL features: A 150-emails-a-minute spam storm (The Register)

Don’t let the Grinch steal your data: 13 tips to help you avoid a hacked holiday (TechRepublic)

Ransomware’s bitcoin problem: How price surge means a headache for crooks (ZDNet)

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